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CeCe Toppings | Indigo6

Ready To Wear

Indigo6 helped launch the upstart fashion accessory brand CeCe Toppings—introducing the company and their first collection. What is a topping? It’s an easily added accent collar that can instantly transform a woman’s look and wardrobe. We developed a visual strategy and identity, photographed the entire product line for catalog and commerce, and crafted a lookbook illustrating the possibilites of the product. To top it off, we designed and developed a elegant, scalable eCommerce solution. Our launch strategy relied heavily on PR to reach notable fashion editors and bloggers—helping to gain immediate recognition and jumpstart sales.


Labeling the New

For any fashion brand, the logo is the label. We developed a visual identity system and mark that is classic yet fanciful—mirroring the inspiration for the toppings themselves. Our solution had to effectively move between stitched labels, packaging, and collateral.

Product Photography

Introducing a Collection

A new brand, in a new category requires product photography that is clear and consistent—instilling confidence in potential customers. The product shots needed to accurately represent color, show texture, and highlight form so that shoppers could easily choose the right toppings to compliment their wardrobe.


Showing the Possibilities

We assembled a talented team of models, fashion stylists, hair & makeup artists in order to illustrate the possibilities of the collection. Shot in the Indigo6 studio over the course of two days, we created looks that caught the attention of fashion editors, and inspired shoppers.


Designing an eCommerce Experience

We designed an elegant brand website and created a flexible shopping experience that leveraged a Software-as-a-Service eCommerce platform. This provided a proven set of tools and robust functionality without the initial capital expenditure of a custom eCommerce solution. We extended the toolkit to include online marketing and measurement tools to track and improve performance.





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