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September | 2012 | Indigo6

September, 2012

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    From Field to Fork for Heinz

    Ever wonder the path a tomato travels to become Heinz Ketchup? Indigo6 traveled to California to photograph and film the harvest of Heinz tomatoes. Heinz, its growers and processors are committed to sustainable agriculture, food safety and quality. We traveled to the HeinzSeed research facility in Stockton, CA where traditional breeding techniques help to create new […]
  • Viridian Corporate Headshots

    Viridian Corporate Headshots

    It’s not often that a corporate client seeking new headshots provides Dan Winters portraits as reference. Dan Winters is a master portrait photographer who creates mood often with the subtraction of light. Trying to deconstruct some of his work proved challenging. Ultimately, only Dan Winters can be Dan Winters… but we think we were able […]
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